Giving Back

Giving back to our communities is another way we support our community partners

“Building Capacity” is a key theme for our company and drives how we do business. We look for ways to go beyond job creation, to make a positive long-term impact that generates real wealth and economic benefits, and fully engages the local community in our business. We’re proud of our outstanding track record of success in using resources from local businesses, community investment, and hiring, training and mentoring people from local communities.

Giving back to our communities is another way we support our community partners. Many contributions have been established for students, the environment, and the Athabasca workforce on behalf of Points Athabasca.

Here are some of the contributions we’ve made over the years:

$100,000 joint donation to Ronald McDonald House

Athabasca community carnivals

Athabasca Dene Child & Family Services Therapeutic Youth Care Home

Athabasca Dene Sector Gathering

Athabasca Fly-In Career Symposium

Athabasca Flying Career Fair & Symposium (KCDC)

Athabasca Post-Secondary student dinners

Black Lake Culture Camp

Christmas in the North

Coffee and Donuts at Christmas

Fond du Lac and Stony Rapids Community Gardens

Fond du Lac Daycare

Industrial Arts Program in Fond du Lac

Northern Administration Students’ Association Annual Exploration Conference.

Northern Forest Fire Evacuees

Northern Spirits Workshop

Northern Tours

Northern Transportation Chairman’s Tour

PAGC Youth Conference

We Day

Wollaston Lake Arena Pour