Athabasca Seasonal Road / Ice Roads Construction

Points Athabasca manages the maintenance of the 184km Athabasca Seasonal Road from Points North to Stony Rapids / Black Lake, approximately 84km of overland / ice roads from Stony Rapids to Fond du Lac and approximately 100km of ice roads from Fond du Lac to Uranium City. Work on these roads includes the seasonal opening and maintenance of “winter only” routes, drainage structure installations and annual upgrades including earth excavation, gravelling and blading. The Athabasca Basin Overland and Ice Roads are a vital part of a strategic northern road system ensuring that northern communities have reasonable and dependable access to transportation services as a means to advance their social and economic development opportunities.

The key success we have experienced has been the engagement of aboriginal people from the Athabasca Basin Region in the road maintenance sector. Our continuing efforts to build capacity in northern communities by involving local contractors allows them the opportunity to expand their operations. Currently, our sub-contractors employ 100% local/Aboriginal people to conduct winter road maintenance and summer improvement projects.

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