Earthworks & Civil Construction

Points Athabasca has become a respected name in earthworks and infrastructure construction and maintenance, both within the mining industry, as well as highway and road construction. We offer extensive experience and expertise in projects in remote and isolated locations, and we have an excellent track record of employing local people in these projects.

Points Athabasca has expertise, financial ability, and equipment to undertake whatever your project needs. We offer a wide range of infrastructure construction and maintenance services, including:

  • Earth moving and excavating
    • Land Clearing and Grubbing, site preparation
    • Gravel pit development
    • Culvert trenching and culvert boring
    • Utilities installation
    • Drainage structure installation and improvement
  • Concrete
    • Batch Plant operation and supply
    • Foundations
    • Shotcrete
    • Restoration
  • Road construction
    • Ice roads
    • Gravel Access Roads
  • Road maintenance
    • Grading and gravel application
    • Rubberized asphalt crack seal
    • Muskeg padding
    • Winter road snow removal and sanding
  • Water and Sewer Installations
    • HDPE fusion, PVC, pressure welded steel pipe