Horizontal Auger Boring

Horizontal auger boring is a technique that uses an auger boring machine sitting in a track system to drill horizontal boreholes by rotating a cutting head attached to an auger while at the same time jacking steel casing through the ground. Auger boring is an economical casing installation method that can be used in a variety of ground conditions to eliminate open cutting and minimize ground disturbance. Typical installations would be for roadway and railway crossing, pipeline right-of-ways, buried utilities and airport runways. The main applications would be storm culverts; steel sleeves into which utilities can be installed.

  • The soil condition can vary.
  • The diameter range would be from 300mm (12”) – 2125mm (84”)
  • The drive length is 12m (40’) – 150m (492’)
  • The accuracy of installation can be achieved to a specific line of +/- 600mm, and a grade +/- 50mm of design.
  • Trenchless technology synergy is used in tandem with guided boring (GB) will result in superior alignment accuracy.

The advantages of trenchless technology over conventional excavation:

  • less environmental impact
  • no disturbance of existing facilities
  • no disruption of services (e.g. traffic accommodation)
  • no long-term impact such as ground shifting or compaction

Here is some of the work we have completed:

  • 2017 : Installation of 2 x 750mm culverts on Highway 11. Total installed length of 64m
  • 2017 : Installation of 1 x 900mm culvert on Highway 2. Total installed length of 41m
  • 2016 : Installation of 3 x 600mm culverts at Cigar Lake mine. Total Installed length of 66m.
  • 2016 : Installation of 2 x 900mm and 5 x 750mm culverts on Highway 10. Total installed length of 196m
  • 2016 : Installation of 1 x 750mm culvert on Highway 16. Total Installed length of 25m.
  • 2016 : Installation of 1 x 900mm and 2 x 1200mm culverts on Highway 55. Total installed length of 75m.
  • 2016 : Installation of 6 x 1050mm culverts on Highway 1. Total installed length of 151m.
  • 2015 : Installation of 22 x 750mm culverts on Highway 10. Total installed length of 585m.
  • 2015 : Installation of 1 x 500m steel casing under CN railway near Saskatoon. Total installed length of 46m.
  • 2014 : Installation of 1 x 1200mm culvert on Highway 358. Total installed length of 25m.
  • 2014 : Installation of 1 x 1500mm culvert on Highway 302. Total installed length of 65m.

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