Solar Installation

Points Athabasca provides solar installation services to clients near  Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan. We install industrial, commercial and remote community solar power.

Points Athabasca has been involved in the energy and resources industry, mainly with nuclear energy, for almost twenty years. In the past we have been known for our involvement with the development of the uranium mines and their infrastructure construction.  We have a strong environmental policy and we are very interested in the sustainability and renewable aspect of solar energy.

Working in remote areas in the North, such as the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, requires different logistics than urban centers and Points Athabasca is experienced in delivering projects that require working with isolated communities, dealing with challenging weather and successfully navigating a more challenging transportation infrastructure.

Points Athabasca believes in training the local workforce that will assist with the solar installation, as well as the maintenance and repair of the system, and we have a long track record of success in providing employment opportunities for local communities.

Points Athabasca will continue to educate our clients and our community partners on the benefits of going green and looking at alternative energy sources such as solar energy. We will continue to research new technology that will help to move our communities, our province and our country toward green technology.

The following are some projects that Points Athabasca was responsible for the training of the local workforce and the installation of the solar technology.

  • 64kW AC/DC solar PV array on the roof of Father Gamache school in Fond du Lac Saskatchewan will produce an estimated 76.31 Megawatt Hours (MWh) of energy resulting in an annual savings of $12,770
  • 64kW AC/DC solar PV array on the roof of Father Megret school in Black Lake Saskatchewan will produce an estimated 70.4 MWh resulting in an annual savings of $11,780