Mine Construction

Many of the world’s most complex construction projects happen hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface. For these unique and sometimes challenging projects, experience is vital to success.

We are a full service contractor that has been providing solutions to the mining industry for over fifteen years. With our multi-disciplined, experienced team, we can complete any underground construction project. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you bring your ideas to reality. We offer extensive experience in:

  • Underground Infrastructure Projects. Shotcrete and Concrete supply and installation, ventilation control walls, sump construction, water stops, steel work, steel sets, steel and lattice girder etc.
  • Mine maintenance projects. Pipe installations, loading pocket, skip and truck chute repairs, rebuilds or installations, pumping and process systems, etc.
  • Mine salvage. Cost effective removal and reclamation of mine infrastructure and materials from mined out areas recycling and returning substantial value to inventory.
  • Shotcrete and grouting services. Shotcrete ground support application, water inflow and void fill solutions using high pressure conventional cements and chemical grouts.
  • Surface Tailings Facility Management. PVC and HDPE fusion pipe installation,
  • Berm and Road Construction. Trenching, culvert installation, culvert boring, grading, earthworks
  • Stockpile management. Grading and dozing, haulage