Community Winter Carnivals

Athabasca Fly-In Career Symposium

Coffee and Donuts at Christmas

Northern Transportation Chairman’s Tour

Northern Forest Fire Evacuees

$11,000 – Points Athabasca donation. (Travelling Carnival to Red Cross Shelters)

Fond du Lac Daycare

$1000 – Points Athabasca donated to fund a daycare in Fond du Lac.

Industrial Arts Program in Fond du Lac

Points Athabasca donated a Sea Can that they had for storing Solar Panels, to be left in the Community so they can use it for a tool crib at the school.

Wollaston Lake Arena Pour

Points Athabasca helped coordinate the arena pour for the Wollaston Lake arena. PA supplied equipment and expertise needed, Cameco and AREVA supplied material, and Wollaston Lake community supplied the labour. The project was completed in spring 2009.

Athabasca community carnivals

Points Athabasca regularly supports and attends these annual Athabasca community events, with other ABD companies contributing prizes.

Northern Spirits Workshop

A part of the famous Voices of the North showcase, Points Athabasca was the title sponsor for the Northern Spirits Showcase, an event featuring youth out of Northern Saskatchewan between the ages of 12-18. These youth not only produced their own showcase, but they are the musicians, performers, stage hands, emcees, directors and set designers. As title sponsor for three years, Points Athabasca contributed $120,000 to this event.